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Kisses for the trio. I was there (Captain Obvious?) and it was spectacular…but not this spectacular. Enter the art of the composite. The subject of editing and degrees of editing is often touched on with widely varying and passionate opinions. Here are my thoughts, each point preceded with an implied, "Aside from photo journalism…”. You may have different opinions, and that's perfect, that's a key point to this entire discussion: to each their own. Anyway…

  1. I believe photography is art. As an aside: I personally don't believe a single photo that I see is actually how the human eye experienced it. I assume the artist has molded it in their minds eye.

  2. I believe photographers can edit however much or little they want. To each their own. It's their choice to present how they perceived the scene, how their mind's eye saw it. The key to me is: what expectation sits with the audience? If 'deeper' editing is contrary to the general expectation, I think it's the photographer's responsibility to clarify. Don't hide from it, certainly don't lie about it. Tell people up front.

  3. I believe the process has worth. To me, there is a higher value to a piece of art that has gone to greater lengths, greater effort to achieve. The process is important. The art world operates under that principle.

So, how do I feel about this photo? I love it. I'm proud of it. It's powerful to me. It takes me back to that place, the peace I experienced along with the uneasy anticipation of what to shoot, what the right composition was. It reminds me of the respect I have for these mountains and how much in awe I am of them. At the same time, I know I would love it more if my mind's eye would've equaled my physical eye more in the moment. And that's just me.


  • 12 1/2” x 16”: 12

  • 17” x 21 3/4”: 8

  • 31 1/4” x 40”: 4

Note: sizes may vary by up to 1/4 inch on each dimension.


  • PRINT ONLY: Personally printed on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 310 gsm velvet fine art paper. 100% Rag, Ultra Smooth, Pure White. Print is additionally protected by an invisible, matte film, guarding against UV damage and making it safe for gentle wipe-down cleaning.

  • DIBOND MOUNT: Printed on Arches smooth fine art paper, mounted onto a 1/4 inch aluminum plate, which in turn is mounted to a hidden Nielsen frame (provides the illusion the print is floating ~1 inch off the wall). Print is additionally protected by an invisible, matte film, guarding against UV damage and making it safe for gentle wipe-down cleaning.

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